Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Do you need help mediating a dispute with an organization or struggling with resolving a conflict with an individual or family member?

Agent of Peace, LLC is a provider of a variety of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services , specializing in the utilization of an array of mediation styles as determined by the nature of the conflict and dispute. Services are provided to the public, private, governmental, educational, and religious sectors throughout the country. The ADR processes are designed to maintain the highest level of neutrality, confidentiality, and integrity. All ADR Practitioners contracted by Agent of Peace are ‘Registered Neutrals’ with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution of the Georgia Supreme Court.

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What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): A broad term that encompasses all forms of dispute resolution, other than court-based adjudication that utilizes third party neutrals to help disputants resolve conflicts. The processes emphasize creativity and cooperation in place of adversarial means of resolving conflict. The appropriate process is usually heard at a neutral site or one that is agreed to by all parties involved in the dispute.

When Should ADR Services be requested?

As an alternative and/or option to consider to resolve non-criminal related disputes, the varies ADR processes are recommended to help minimize legal cost and to help provide for a non-adversarial environment.  With the exception of Arbitration, most ADR processes does not prohibit individuals from continuing on any other legal processes available to parties should there not be a settlement agreement at the end of the ADR process.

ADR Pros: 

As noted above, participation in the ADR process does not prohibit one from continuing on other legal avenues available, however this provides an opportunity for a possible win-win scenerio.  additionally, the cost involved in a lot less than the traditional legal processes.

ADR Cons: 

Some may view these ADR processes as a waste of time and resources, particularly should one side not agree to acquiesce to the desire/s of the complainant or each other.

 ***Please note, the listed processes represent only some of the most commonly used processes, however other related processes not named may also at times be recommended. Please see contact page for additional information.


“A very good mediator sets the tone and allows the parties to view and express their concerns. This has been one of Mediator Haynes’ areas of expertise…Mediator Haynes knows what is required of a mediator and executes it very well…Mediator Haynes is very familiar in the matters governing EEOC laws, regulations, and procedures…his professional demeanor along with his knowledge of EEOC laws and regulations make him a vital as well as an excellent asset…he will give you 100% of himself…”

Rosalind Moultry-Howard, Manager EEO Dispute Resolution

“Mr. Haynes is a very competent mediator. Many cases and many bridges are built between labor and management because of the manner in which he mediates…all of the parties always said they were pleased with the performance of Mr. Haynes. There has never been any complaints about his performance…Mr. Haynes is very dependable…Mr. Haynes has demonstrated that he is very knowledgeable of applicable EEO laws…I highly recommend Mr. Haynes…if given the opportunity, I am sure he will do your agency justice in the performance of his duties…”

Ruth D. Johnson-Williams, Manager EEO Dispute Resolution

I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Rev. Herman E. Haynes, Jr… I have been extremely pleased with Rev. Haynes’ performance as a contract mediator…his knowledge of the applicable law and his excellent mediation skills has resulted in a high percentage of successful mediations…during the period that Rev. Haynes has performed for the EEOC, I have not received one complaint regarding the quality of his performance. In fact, the written survey sheets from the private individuals and the employees upon the conclusion of mediations, all rated Rev. Haynes’ performance at the highest level.”

Rosemarie Rhodes, EEOC (acting) ADR Coordinator, Supervisory Administrative Judge

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Valuable Resources


The list below represents some of the ADR affiliates and resources used when deemed applicable and appropriate by Agent of Peace, LLC.  Continuing education updates, conferences, certification information, and other pertinent information are provided as links for your convenience.
  • The Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolutions
  • Peacemaker Ministries
  • Mediation Training Institute International (MTI)
  • Conflict Resolution Academy
  • Justice Center of Atlanta
  • Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation
  • National Eldercare Mediator Network

Fee for Service

Fees for service will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the mediation issues to be discussed.  The number of participants is also factored into the cost for mediation.  The amount will be determined upon review of the mediation intake process which may include consultation with potential clients.  Fees can be hourly based or flat-fee based, and the person/s responsible for payment is determined prior to the process taking place.   Please see contact page for contact information should additional questions need to be addressed.